Misdemeanor Crime

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Misdemeanor Crime

If you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor, you can take steps to avoid conviction. However, if you plan to fight the charge, you will need assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. If your fight is successful, you may be found not guilty of the charges against you, which means that you won’t face any of the penalties listed above.In some cases, avoiding a conviction may not be possible. If you are not able to avoid a conviction, it is still a good idea to have an experienced attorney on your team who may be able to negotiate a lighter sentence for your conviction.

If you are found guilty of a misdemeanor, you may spend as much as two years in jail, and you may also pay a significant fine. In addition, the conviction will likely remain on your record indefinitely, which will impact your life even after you have served your sentence.

Examples of a misdemeanor crime
-Assault without bodily harm
-Domestic abuse (first offense)
-Possession of drug paraphernalia
-Drug possession (first offense)
-Driving under the influence

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